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If you’re even slightly into wine, you’ve probably heard about natural wine. Introducing our newest wine of the month club, the Natural Wine club features wines that are made with minimal intervention. This can mean lots of different things depending on the producer, but may involve organic or biodynamic farming, fermentation with indigenous yeasts instead of domesticated versions, low or no sulfites added, higher acidity, and unusual or historical techniques like aging in clay amphorae instead of steel or oak.

Natural wine is the unfiltered, untamed version of what we know to be wine. In most cases, natural wine doesn’t look or taste like a typical wine. In fact, some natural wines taste more like a sour beer or kombucha! For those who are attracted to a more bitter profile, this wine club is for you. 

Natural wines appeal strongly to those who aim to live a healthier lifestyle, however anyone can truly enjoy the benefits and taste of natural wines. The grapes in natural wine are typically grown by small-scale, independent producers and hand-picked from sustainable or organic vineyards. Another interesting fact about natural wine is that it’s fermented with no added yeast, and no additives are included in the fermentation process. There are also little to no sulfites added to natural wines. This relatively hands-off attitude leads to fun, funky expressions that will expand your understanding of wine and deepen your appreciation for terroir, or the taste of a place that connects the wine in your glass to the soil where it was grown.

Adventurous palates should try our natural wine club for natural wines are known for their funkier, gamier, yeastier characteristics and a cloudy appearance. They are often much less fruity and much more yeasty in their aroma profile than a typical wine, nonetheless, their unique aroma and profile are extremely satisfying and unique. 

Give the gift of wine! Send our natural wine of the month club to a friend, family member or loved one and expand their knowledge of vino. Our wine delivery at Cellars Wine Club ensures that the recipient gets their shipment with ease - every time. 

Whether you want to enjoy natural wines for yourself, or send the club as a wine gift, you’re guaranteed to excite your palate with this wine club, and will find that experimenting with the exotic flavors and aromas of natural wine is a fun and fresh way to enjoy wine. Representing less than 1% of all the wine in the world, natural wine has recently become the talk of wine-lovers all over. 

If for any reason your shipment is delivered to you unfit, or it didn’t travel well, we offer a 100% “no bad bottle” guarantee. This also applies to bottles that were bad upon arrival - let us know and we’ll ship you a replacement, no questions asked. For more than 20 years, our wine club specializes in making the customer happy. 


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