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If red is your favorite color to drink, then step aside white and rose. This club is for those who want to experience wines that meander from translucent magentas to thick, deep Burgundies. Our team of wine experts select from limited-release bottles and boutique vineyards, with special attention paid to curating a diverse portfolio of reds. The result is that you receive exceptional wines for well below market prices.

At Cellars Wine Club, we only provide you with exceptional bottles of wine, on every shipment, catering to your utmost palate-pleasing preference. If you love red wine, this wine club is made for you. Best of all, this wine subscription comes with not two but three bottles of red wine, making it the perfect trio. Each shipment will excite your taste buds and add to your already foraged love of red grapes. 

In this wine of the month club you’ll receive three bottles of red vino as well as tasting notes on each wine. Every shipment is different and curated to entice even the most savvy wine-lover. With a range from sweet, fruit-forward yet hearty Zinfandel to bold and smooth, high-tannin Petit Sirah, to the well-loved, boisterous black cherry noted Merlot to the familiar aroma of plum and blackberry with hints of vanilla and warm spice in Cabernet Sauvignon, the red trio wine club is sure to please all the red wine-loving palates. 

Do you have a red-wine lover in your life? Give the gift of wine! The Red Trio club is the ideal gift for the red wine connoisseur in your life, or even the dabbling beginner. We know red wine can be an acquired taste and that’s why In every shipment, we introduce world renowned wines loved by many, making it the red wine club of your (or your gift recipient) dreams. We believe that quality should never be sacrificed by price - so we go beyond the typical wine club by hand-selecting wines and working with distributors all over the world so that in every shipment  you’re sure to receive three exciting bottles of wine.

At Cellars Wine Club, we aren’t biased when it comes to wine, we love them all. However, there’s something to be said about enjoying a perfectly cooked steak with a beautifully smooth, aromatic bottle of red wine. With the simplicity of our wine delivery, we make enjoying moments of fantastic food and wine pairing even easier. Decide the number of shipments, the frequency we should ship and the starting month of your subscription and we’ll take care of the rest making sure every shipment is delivered to your doorstep seamlessly. 

If for any reason your shipment is delivered to you unfit, or it didn’t travel well, we offer a 100% “no bad bottle” guarantee. This also applies to bottles that were bad upon arrival - let us know and we’ll ship you a replacement, no questions asked. For more than 20 years, our wine club specializes in making the customer happy. 


  • 3 Bottles of Wine
  • Tasting Notes on Each Wine
  • Your Wine Preference Choice
    (this can be changed on future shipments, no charge)