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The Champagne Sparkling Club is a favorite for celebratory gift giving and grand romantic gestures, but it’s also fitting for any occasion—every delivery is an excuse to celebrate, because at Cellars Wine Club, we believe any moment deserves a special touch, whether big or small. Let us help you find your favorite bubbly! 

At our wine of the month club, we make an effort to introduce our club members to the incredible diversity of flavors with our hand-selected sparklers. Whether you are pouring bubbles for brunch in a festive mimosas or cheersing to a midnight toast, it’s always the right time for sparkling wine! With flavors ranging from dry and zesty, like a Spanish Cava or Brut, to sweet and perfumed Prosecco from Italy to rich, creamy nutty vintage Champagne from France - the Champagne and Sparkling club showcases the unique variety in profiles that both champagne and sparkling wines have. 

With this wine subscription, we’ll introduce you to the unexpected, yet delightful “other” bottles of bubbly as well as the beloved classics. Get to know the other sparkling wines of France (there’s 23 other regions producing sparkling) from the aromatic Chenin Blanc-based Vouvray to the strawberry-like Pinot Noir Crémant d’Alsace Rosé, you’ll quickly learn that Champagne isn’t the only fine bubbly from France. Other parts of the world offer fantastic bottles of bubbly as well such as, Cap Classique from South Africa, Espumante from Portugal and Argentina, Sekt from Germany and Austria or Metodo Classico from Italy. Typically, one assumes all effervescent bubbly wine comes from France, but in this wine club, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to taste the bubbles from all over the world. 

Along with the two bottles of wine, we’ll include our helpful tasting notes so you know exactly what you’re drinking and where it originates. From the grape type to the age, we’ll teach you all about what’s inside your wine subscription. Plus, learn to pair your bottle with a fantastic meal. Did you know Chinese food can be paired with sparkling wine? Our tasting notes elaborate on how the unexpected combo works so well.  

Gifting the Champagne and Sparkling club is the ultimate gift to send. Whether it’s to congratulate new parents on the arrival of a child, to send birthday wishes for a 21st birthday or to surprise your significant other on your anniversary, this wine club is the perfect choice for celebrating any occasion - plus it appeals to anyone! Who doesn’t love to cork a bottle of champagne or sparkling and hear that familiar “pop!” With our ease of wine delivery, we’ll make sure the recipient’s thoughtful gift arrives right to their doorstep, seamlessly. 

Cellars Wine Club is confident that you’ll love every bottle in your shipment. If for some reason the bottle didn’t travel well, or the bottle is bad upon arrival, we offer the 100% “no bad bottle” guarantee - where we replace the bottle, no questions asked so you, the customer are always satisfied with your subscription. 



  • 2 Bottles of Wine
  • Tasting Notes on Each Wine