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We are constantly scouting new finds and fresh vintages from among the world’s best wines and among the best are wines coming from Washington, Oregon and California on the West Coast. Grape quality is similar to real estate, it’s all about location. From California’s Napa Valley up to Washington’s Red Mountain, explore one of the Cellars Wine Clubs team’s favorite regions: our own! Our wine club’s goal is to introduce exciting, palate-pleasing wine varieties from all over the world. In this club, we highlight the best of the West Coast, tantalizing even the born and raised East Coast native - we promise. 

The West Coast Wine Club Series is a celebration of wine that ranges from Washington state down to California. Enjoy wines from impressive wineries in Washington, such as Chateau St. Michelle Winery located just outside of Seattle in Woodinville, to Oregon’s most popular wine region, The Willamette Valley to well-known regions in California such as Napa Valley, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara. 

At Cellars Wine Club, we look for wines all over the wine growing regions of each state, from the top of the West coast down to the bottom, in order to select the two best values we can find each month for our wine club membership subscriptions. The focus of this West Coast wine subscription is to truly introduce your palate to the flavors and aromas the West Coast wines have to offer. Taste the golden sunsets and ocean breeze as you sip on a fruit-forward California chardonnay. Or experience the elongated grape-growing season that is said to be ideal for Oregon’s rustic, earthy Pinot Noir. Feel like you’ve just foraged for berries as you taste the hints of blackberry and boysenberry as well as notes of chocolate and leather in a Washington Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Working with our in-house team of tasters and the bounty of wineries in our area, as well as connections domestically, the West Coast club highlights boutique wineries and limited-production bottles, making this club the perfect wine gift for lovers of the West Coast. 

At its heart, wine is a beverage best enjoyed in the company of others and that’s why our wine clubs are the perfect gift for a loved one. Sending a wine gift has never been easier with our simple wine delivery system. Choose your preference of red, white or a combination of both to the recipient of your choice, include details such as the number of shipments you wish to send as well as the frequency and we’ll make sure the thoughtful wine subscription lands right on the doorstep of your chosen recipient. Plus, the difference at Cellars Wine Club is that we cater to the most knowledgeable wine connoisseur as well as the curious dabbler alike. Each club can be enjoyed by anyone, and with our tasting notes included in every shipment, even the most wine-savvy friend will learn something new.


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